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The Safest Electric Horse Fence

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ElectroBraid® is an easily installed, permanent electric fencing system - designed to provide a safe and secure horse fence.

ElectroBraid® is strong and durable and a fraction of the cost of other equine electric fencing systems. This safe electric farm fencing can stand alone as a permanent perimeter fence, or moved around for rotational grazing, and can be used as a portable or temporary fence.

Strong & Durable

A fraction of the cost of other electric fencing systems.

How Do Our Fences Work?

ElectroBraid® combines resilience with barrier strength. Like a boxing ring, ElectroBraid® absorbs force and springs back. The outer braided jacket is made of very high grade of polyester fiber – as used in auto seat belts and parachute harnesses. This polyester fiber is dimensionally stable; after stretching, it returns to its original length.

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Horse and the ElectroBraid fencing system
The ElectroBraid Fencing System is easy to see, unlike cattle fences. This creates a much safer horse fence.

Building Safe Electric Horse Fences

Our Mission is to build safe fences for horses.

Many prominent equine vets say ElectroBraid® is one of the safest horse fences. The ElectroBraid® Fence System is designed to secure horses safely. There are no sharp points or hard edges; no boards to break or splinter. Perhaps most important, your horses are amazingly stress-free inside ElectroBraid®. Because they are herd animals, horses want to clearly see the other horses. They want to see there are no predators. Stallions can watch their mares! Horses simply don’t run the fence line with ElectroBraid®.



Rated safest fence for horses by equine vets.


Resilient and strong to resist impact.


Easy to self-install. Almost no maintenance.


Can be self-installed. Repairs are quick and easy.


Permanent or portable. Can secure other fence types.

Why ElectroBraid® Fence?

Traditional electric cattle fencing uses small diameter steel wires which are hard for horses to see. The ropes of ElectroBraid® are highly visible. ElectroBraid® can absorb the energy of a panicked horse and will typically bounce the horse back into its pasture with no harm to horse or fence.

Horse Safety