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ElectroBraid® Non-Profit Program

ElectroBraid Fence is doubling its program announced last January from $50,000 to $100,000.

Gifts of free fencing have already been made to 15 Non-Profits, listed on its web-site www.electrobraid.com. An additional dozen or more Non-Profits will receive grants of fencing over the next twelve months.

Any registered 501-C-3 non-profit horse organization or Canadian non-profit is invited to apply.

Thousands of volunteers support horse non-profits throughout the United States and Canada. They care for abused and unloved horses and find good homes for them. They run therapeutic riding programs for the handicapped and introduce inner-city kids to the magical world of horses. They find countless caring and innovative ways to do wonderful things for others

ElectroBraid is supporting these volunteer efforts by donating up to $4,000 of fence materials (enough for 3,000 feet of fence) to each selected non-profit horse organization. The fence can be installed by unskilled volunteers and requires minimal maintenance.

Used on over 40,000 horse farms, ElectroBraid™ is the largest selling electric horse fence in North America. It has been rated the safest of all horse fencing by an independent survey of equine vet members of the AAEP.

David Bryson, President of ElectroBraid Fence says, "Our Company's mission is to build safe fences for horses. Some Non-Profits simply don't have the money to address serious fence safety problems and we want to help those most deserving."

For more information, contact
David Bryson, President of ElectroBraid Fence Limited
Toll-free at 1-888-430-3330
or email info@electrobraid.com